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Kianco Accountants Affiliates brings to clients an in-depth professionalism acquired over ...more


Kianco Capital is financial services consulting firm specializing in mergers ...more


Kianco Education and training can help you to identify your company’s training needs and to...more


Kianco Human Resources is a HR management consulting firm offering in ...more


Kianco Information Systems provides comprehensive information and consulting services for all industries and commerce enterprises Whether is public or private, multinational, middle market or small businesses, in the area of International business development; Accounting, Education and work force training,  Human resources, International trade and investment opportunities, market research and export analysis,  Legal services referral and international business counselling, Media advertising, Printing and  Publications.
Kianco InfoSystems has a management and operating philosophy focused on business partnerships and long-term relationships. Integrity, Trust, Responsibility, Performance, Reputation, and Relationships are corporate values that are the cornerstones of the company's foundation. Every action the company, its employees or its contractors take must be taken with strict adherence to these corporate values.


Kianco Legal services work hand-in-hand with a highly experienced network of ...more


Kianco Media is the leading information provider to the global trade and investment market with ...more


At Kianco Printing customer service, high-quality printing and state-of-the-art technology ...more


Kianco Publishing, provides a complete range of publishing services. We can develop ...more

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