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Kianco InfoSystems Company

Kianco InfoSystems is a business information service for leading companies worldwide

Kingdom AssetsIn today's competitive business environment, having access to information is critical to the success of your organization. Your business must choose a service that delivers the highest quality information, culled from the widest variety of sources in multiple languages. Your information service must provide employees with timely updates on competitive intelligence and industry trends. Where can you find such a business information service?

Kianco InfoSystems' business information service delivers turnkey information solutions

Kianco InfoSystems is the business information service chosen by leading organizations around the world. Gathering information from multiple sources from numerous countries in many languages, Kianco InfoSystems delivers world-class global content tailored to the needs of your organization.

While the quantity and quality of information available through Kianco InfoSystems' business information service is impressive, more important is Kianco InfoSystems' ability to help you find the right information, leading to better decisions, faster. The business information services provided by Kianco InfoSystems let your information workers spend minimal time searching for information and maximum time putting information to good use. You can create information topics for the entire company to track, as well as topics for specific departments or individuals within the business. Because Kianco InfoSystems' information services enable information to be delivered directly to the desktop, employees can track information while they continue working. When you need to perform more business intelligence research, you can go to Kianco InfoSystems, where you'll find a single point of access to a deep archive of business information not available on the free Web.

Kianco InfoSystems' business information service integrates seamlessly into an organization's infrastructure

Kianco InfoSystems lets you customize the delivery of information throughout your organization. You can deliver content from Kianco InfoSystems' business information service to your intranet or portal, via e-mail, or through Kianco InfoSystems' business information search service. You can conduct international business research without language barriers, as you can view content in many languages.

Bottom line—Kianco InfoSystems delivers the most accurate information, leading to better decisions, faster.


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